My 5 Ways to Look Young

Aging is a fact of life and most people fight it.They want to stay looking young. I get that, heck I want that too. What I want more is to age gracefully. I am not necessarily fighting aging, just trying to hold back the tide awhile. I will say I have been blessed with the genes that make me look much younger than my age and I want to maintain that look. You saw the picture comparing my Senior high school photo to a photo 25 years later and the only thing that really changed was the hair style (and some weight).

My thoughts on growing old
I bought a sun hat yesterday at Costco and posted the picture on my Instagram. I want to make sure to keep the sun off my face as much as possible. That thought led to how I am taking care of my face right now (and should have started much earlier) and want to maintain my appearance. So I came up with my 5 ways I fight aging and try to maintain my youthful appearance.

Before you start a routine, you need to know what face time you are: dry, oily, combination. You need to make sure you are getting the right product for the right face. You could go to a beauty store like Ulta or Sephora (that is what is in Texas) and they can help you determine your face and what products you should use. You do not need to by their products!! Think of it as a fact finding mission. When you get the information, you can go to a discount store like Walgreens, CVS or Duane Reed (this are the only ones I know of off the top of my head). You do not need to by expensive products.

With all that said, here are my top 5 ways to maintain a youthful appearance:

1. Hydrate!
I think this is the number one thing you can do to your body. We have all read why we need to drink half of our body weight in water and how are bodies are made up of mostly water and it helps the body to function. Water also does a couple of other things. It plumps the skin making it appear young.

2. Cleanser
I think cleaning the skin is a step missed, especially in the evening. We all do good at washing our face in the morning, but we need to do it at night also. We need to get rid of the day's nasty. One important thing when choosing a cleanser is to know your skin type! You should stay away from things with alcohol since it will dry your skin out.

3. Moisturizer
Using a moisturizer really does help with dry skin, especially in the winter months. It helps to plumb the skin and to alleviate scaly looking skin and dry patches. Now that it is summer, you can go to a lighter weight moisturizer.

4. Sunscreen
MUST, MUST, MUST wear sunscreen! Can I stress it enough? I know we all like to have a little color to our skin (fish belly white is not attractive, I get it!), but it is not worth the damage it will do to your skin…think wrinkles, leather-looking skin, and skin cancer!

TIP: You can combine your sunscreen and moisturizer and put them on at the same time! You have just eliminated a step. How cool is that! Plus I have found when I add moisturizer to my sunscreen it helps it go on easier and doesn't cover my face as white as sunscreen by itself.

5. Exfoliate
Let's be honest, you can do all of the above but we still will have dead skin cells that accumulate. So, exfoliation is the answer. There are so many out there and can range from light to oh my goodness is that sandpaper!? You can even make your own facial scrub. I am sure there are a gazillion recipes on Pinterest. Exfoliations should not be done daily. I do mine about once or twice a week.


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