Holy Smokes, Is It Over Already?

We are down to the last few days of school left; three days to be exact. We have a list of things to complete before we can call the year over and done. So here is what I am looking at doing all day Wednesday, Thursday morning (the rest of the day is devoted to getting ready for graduation that night), and Friday morning. Lots to do people with little time to do it in it seems!

  1. Build Summer School Classes
  2. Enter Summer School Students 
  3. Save Grade Book
  4. Clean up and store files
  5. Clean up rooms 
  6. Clean up e2020
  7. Turn in Keys
  8. Clean out small file cabinet
  9. Change file cabinets
  10. Move desks
  11. Pack and label rooms
  12. Print schedules
  13. Inventory and order modules
  14. Eat lunch with Clarks on Friday
  15. Eat lunch with my team Thursday (celebrating successful year!)
It's a busy 2 days my friends. I am hoping to have most everything done today. With that said, I will not be blogging Thursday at all and hoping to have pictures to share about graduation of Friday.

So have a wonderful week and wish me luck on having everything done on time, if not earlier! ACK! It is already 9 a.m. so I need to get with it! 



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