Do You Believe in Omens?

You know…when something bad or weird happens before a trip begins or you start a new job or go on a first date. It sets the mood for the rest of the day. I never really thought I did. But I learned my lesson yesterday at the first day of summer school.

I went in at 7:45 to turn on the lights in my room, all ready to get the party started. When I flipped the switch, I heard a couple of pops and saw sparks fly out from the light switch. WHERE MY FINGERS WERE!

I took this picture about 4 hours after
it happened. Most of the black got rubbed
off except on my thumb. 
The switches were black and so was my left hand thumb and pointer finger. I just kinda stared at the switch and then thought "get out, get help". I told the principal, who was next door and he and another guy ran over to check it out. I asked if I got hazard pay and showed him my fingers. Wholly crap! They wee both black!

So now the principal and I are just starting at each other thinking "is this how the rest of the first day of summer school is going to go?" The answer is yes! We had so many technology problems. I was running around with my head cut off! My cell phone did not stop ringing from everyone needing help. Don't worry, by lunch things settled down and got back to normal.

Lesson: How the day starts could be a mirror to what the day will be, summer school is always an adventure and anything goes. You would think after 9 years, I would learn that.

Have you had an omen kind of day? Tell me about your omen and your day went. I would love to hear from you!


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