Can You Relate?

Last night, late last night, I couldn't sleep and was just stumbling along. You know, StumbleUpon. Anyway, from there are went to Pinterest and looked at humor, because I am a firm believer in laughter being the best medicine.

I also believe it is better when you can relate to things. It gives it more meaning or makes it more funny.  I do this when I teach and I do it in my personal life. These are what jumped out at me late at night that I totally relate to and make me laugh. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

I got rid of the scales, so on to phase 2 of my evil plan: Removal of mirrors. Some are really stuck to the wall! LOL

This is LT and I, but I also have to say it is reversed when he is behind the wheel! I have the same look as the boy in the picture. I think it goes with the saying, don't let them see you sweat.

This is sooooo me!! I have been known to not answer knocks at my door. Sometimes it's my neighbor wanting help (her house smells like cat) or my friends with Christmas decorations to get me out of my bah humbug attitude. My house is my sanctuary. Heck, if I don't answer the door, I can't accept the subpoena now can I? LOL


Ok, I confess…I love this show. Maybe because of this scene right here. I will confess, I say "right meow" to my students, but they don't get it. I think that is a good thing that they don't! LOL! It would open too many doors.
Watch this video if you do not know the movie. I swear you will be playing the cat game too!

Smile and laugh! It makes you feel better! I hope I made your day a little brighter today. 


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