Age is Just a Number

1988 vs 2014

In today's society, beauty is number one priority. Look at all the magazines, movies, models, and anyone in the spot light. Women strive to look like them: flawless, thin, gorgeous and young.

I could fill the post up with pictures of women over the age of 50 who look a heck of a lot better than I do. Yes, I know they have the money to spend to look that good or a really good plastic surgeon or a personal trainer. All of that doesn't really help with a woman's psyche…namely mine.

So when I updated my personal Facebook with the picture above and to the right, you can trust a fellow classmate from way back when to pull out your senior picture from high school. Thanks Jeff!

Yep, that's me on the left my senior year in high school. Quick funny off-topic story about that picture. I went out partying with friends the night before and got in late to find a note on my bedroom door from momma telling me my senior pictures were changed to that morning at 8 am! Looking good for a party girl, huh?

I look at my senior picture and see a very young girl with some wacked out 80s hair! LOL! Why I thought I should rock a perm, I will never know. I can, however, look back and see that I really did not look so bad back then and how smooth my skin looked then. This was probably one of my better pictures, too. 

The photo on the right is me, last year I believe. Wow, time sure has flown. That is 26 year span up there in the picture. While I do not look like a young girl on the right, I think I might look even better than when I was younger. Yeah, I can pick the latest picture apart about my wrinkles and weight, but I am going to chose to look at the positive. I look happy with life and thanks to my parents gene, I look about 10 years younger than I really am. And let's face it, there are apps to remove the wrinkles, but they can't give the glow of a happy life. 

So while there are things happening in life that make me struggle to understand, accept, and move forward, I know things will get better. LT likes to tell me "we got this", well I am here to tell you, I do! I look at that picture and everything I have gone through between the two time spans has made me the woman I am today and shaped my morals and values. LT should be glad he made the cut! LOL!


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