10 Lines of I Do...

I was going through Stumble Upon. You click the "stumble" button and it scrolls through the internet for the categories you like. Here is my Stumble Upon if you want to follow me. No pressure (ok a little pressure, but it's all good)

Anyway, I came across Language is a Virus. It gives you different writing prompts. The one that intrigued me was the prompt that said "Write 10 lines, each starting with the words, I don't…" Honestly, I am not one to start I sentence with the word don't. It makes me feel like I am putting negative vibes out so the universe will give me negative vibes back. I try to be more positive. It doesn't always work…I am human. I make mistakes and I find out I am not perfect or even the best. My cross to bear, but I am dealing with it.

So I want to do this prompt with the words I do…

  • I do believe in family. I put family as one of my top things important in my life. I am blessed to have a great family, albeit a little dysfunctional at times, that rallies together. The best part is expanding the family to Lt and my great niece and nephew!
  • I do act like my Westie, Gavin, is my child. This is as close to a child as I can get and he is the best, even if he acts all boy!
  • I do go to a homeopathic doctor who believes there are other ways to cure what ails you than to prescribe medicine. I love that he treats head, heart and body.
  • I do believe sarcasm is my greatest weapon and strength. Please to not get on the other end of it, it could be deadly or humorous. It is a fine line I walk sometimes.
  • I do maintain laughter IS the best medicine. I love comedy and comedians. LT keeps me in stitches almost all the time, even when you gets my hackles up. It is like a child, I can't hold on to my mad if he makes me laugh. It is nothing for me to act or say something funny. I crack myself up!
  • I do believe God has a plan for me even if it is not my plan, or I can tell what it might be. I trust in Him
  • I do love nature: trees, flowers, leaves, long shadows, hikes, sunshine, fresh grass, etc.
  • I do read way too much and it is not even educational! I like romance and mysteries. My dirty secret is out! I also read things that interest me like Grain Brain or How to make body butter.
  • I do believe in the power of prayer, even if it is not answered in my time or my way.
  • I do put others and their happiness before my own.

I challenge you to project positivity. Name one of your I do… 


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