Whirlwind Weekend!

Music is so important to me. LT and I were talking how when you hear a song, it brings back so many  memories and emotions,. This weekend has filled me with so many memories!

I attended the Wildflower Festival in Richardson, Texas. It is an arts and music festival lasting Friday, Saturday and Sunday with concerts all day and the headliners at night. We paid $30 dollars and listened to Loverboy, Kool and the Gang, Foghat, Joan Jett, and the Wallflowers. We ditched watching Cheap Trick and went to the other stage to see Wallflowers. Yes there was two stages! Plus two little stages for different local bands playing every night. We did not go Sunday. Why? 1) we were too tired and 2) we are not big country fans so we took the day to recoup with lots of naps! Oh to be getting older.

Let me shake down some of my memories, let you live vicariously through me! You may have seen them from my Instagram. Not a follower? You need to get your mouse over to the side and join me! 

Look at how packed it was at the main stage! We were packed in there like sardines! Lt manned the camera so I can get a picture with our friend Stacy. You know when you go to a rock concert, you never know who or what you will see. If you can see the wild hair cut on the two girls with the pink hair. Oh mylanta!! I can't believe someone not only willingly shaved their hair into this style, but thought it made them look good! But you  know, they didn't care and just rocked the night away. And it gave me something to look at since I am a huge people watcher!

Foghat started our night off rockin' it hard. They still got it! It was a packed house! Of course you have that group of people who make it not so fun. That was the group in front of me. 6 foot men who blocked me from seeing Joan Jett. Oh well, I have seen her 3 years ago, so it eased the pain some. 

Can you believe she is STILL rockin' the leather one piece? I wish I looked half as good as she does at her age. The crowd was going wild! Only one person had to be carted off by medics, but it was his stupid fault for drinking and smoking what he was smoking. He passed out and his friends ditched him. Then the medics carted him off. How sad is that all the way around! But didn't stop us from rockin'!

Wallflowers ended our evening on a more sedate note compared to Foghat and Joan Jett. But it was perfect. We actually got to sit down for this one, and our feet and legs thanked us for that. We learned that we are getting older and can't do the things we used to do. Anyway, towards the end John Popper from Blues Traveler comes out and jams with the boys! It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. All of the people who left early really missed out.

All and all it was a great night with my man beside me. We attend every year. Do you have any festivals where you are that you just HAVE to attend? Do you make a calendar so you know when all the festivals are happening? Yes I do a calendar…don't judge, I just don't want to miss anything!


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