What I Learned from Mom

  • A HIGH WORK ETHIC: Growing up, I would do what all kids do and try to get out of going to school. Mom always saw through it. She would say I could stay home, but if I was sick enough to miss school I was too sick to do anything after school with my friends. I was no dummy and wanted to hang with friends, so I would go to school. To this day, I go to work unless I am running a fever or am vomiting. But I am learning to play hooky.
  • IF YOUR GONNA PLAY, YOUR GONNA PAY: Whenever I would go out with my friends, I would have a curfew. I think my curfew was earlier than the others which was a total bummer. So of course I would get home after curfew. The next morning, mom would get me up extra early (like 6 am) and get me started on house work and then go and work the garden. To this day I am more conscience about my actions and the cause and affect of decisions. Sometimes I make the right one, but sometimes I don't.  
  • IF YOU MESS WITH THE BULL YOU GET THE HORN: She was the disciplinarian in the house. I knew never to cross her. Heck as a little girl wanting crawl into bed and sleep with my parents I knew to go to dad's side and not her's! She always sent me back to bed! With mom, I knew my boundaries and if I crossed it, what would happen. I guess this has instilled my high expectations and integrity.
  • A LOVE OF GARDENING: Momma always had a vegetable and flower garden. There is such fond memories of working the garden and reaping the rewards. I have transplanted Irises and day lilies from momma's flower garden and after 3 years, I am finally getting an iris bloom! Theses bring back such memories! I always feel closer to her even miles away when I am planting and taking care of my flowers.
  • DO ANYTHING FOR FAMILY: Mom would do anything, give anything, even give up anything for family. She always made sure we were first. Seeing her sacrifice for the family has made me appreciate family even more. Watching her has made me become the sacrificer: Others before self. I give up my happiness or joy for others. 
  • ROLE MODEL: When my mom was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, her eyes were always dry. The dr recommended her wearing contacts. That is when I started to wear contacts. I hate putting anything in my eyes. I was a big baby about it, but when my 66 year old mother (at the time) could do it, by good golly, so could I!
My momma means the world to me. We have not only a mother/daughter relationship, but a friend relationship as well. She is the woman I can talk to about life and feelings. I am finding out, as I get older, how much alike we really are. Now if I could just cook HALF as good as her, I would be closer to her equal. Man, that woman can cook!!

Tell me…what is one thing you learned from your mother?


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