Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is teacher appreciation week. The time to shower your teacher with gifts of some sort to say thank you for educating, nurturing, babysitting, putting up with my child. If you are an elementary or even middle school teacher, you will rake in the gifts. If you are a high school teacher, gifts are hit or miss.

I never got into teacher for the money, or gifts, obviously. Maybe a little for the summer off, just kidding, but not really. You know, it's funny. I never expect gifts, kudos, or acknolwedgement while doing my job. Actually, I feel awkward when I do get a thank you or complement. I am just doing my job. I will say, some parents should be handing out big ol' fat thank you's for teachers spending a day with their child! LOL.


So today, I want to thank all of my fellow teachers out there. Your sacrifice and bravery are just a part of what makes you the outstanding teacher you are.

  • Thank you for loving and putting up with your students even when you are doing both at the same time! 
  • Thank you for the hours upon hours you spend not only grading their work, but creating the lessons to reach and teach your students. 
  • Thank you for being a mom, dad, friend and disciplinarian all rolled up into one giant ray of sunshiny cheerleader.
  • Thank you for giving students the skills to cope and survive this crazy life.
  • Thank you for being just what that child needed on that particular day/moment.

And in honor of teachers, here are some funny quotes I found on Pinterest. Because laughter makes it all better!

And for you English teachers and grammar police out there…



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