Mental Health Day..Yes, Please


Yep, I took a Ferris Bueller's day off. I played hookie from work on Friday. Well, technically, they knew it at work, but I still did it!

As a school teacher, I do get a great amount of time off: Thanksgiving (1 week), Christmas (2 weeks), Spring Break (1 week), and assorted days off (Memorial Day, Easter, etc). But this year was a little different. My spring break went differently then planned. LT's mom was put in the hospital and passed away. So my break really wasn't a mental health break. I was so blessed to have that week off to be with her (even through she never knew we were there) and LT.

But this makes for a cranky Laura towards the end of the school year. I still have a month to go, June 5, and I swear everything was getting on my nerves! I knew I needed a break. So I did what I was not raised to do…take a day off for no reason.

You see, in my family, you go to work or school unless you are vomiting or running a fever. I have lived by this creed. Even I have my breaking point, and boy am I glad I do! My day off was absolutely amazing! And I took it all by myself! Another first!

On this amazing blessed day, I went to Canton. It is First Monday Trade Day about 1 1/2 hour drive away. Think acres of crafts, collectables, food and garage sale items. All of this under the most pristine blue sky with just a hint of breeze. 

When I was driving down there, I thought I need to document this for my blog. You know, fodder. But wouldn't this defeat the purpose? Wouldn't this become another thing I "had" to do and not be able to enjoy myself? So I decided "no". No I would not do anything to record my day. I would just experience it. Soak up the Vitamin D and just be.

And you know what. I loved every minute of it. I actually felt myself recharge and my soul taking a deep cleansing breath. The Lord gave me the perfect day to make my day perfect. And you know what else? I am blogging about it even thought I had no plans to do it! 

What is my purpose: to let you know it is ok to take a day for you. It is ok when you feel the need to recharge, do it. It is ok to put yourself first. It is ok to be.

This is LT climbing mountains in California. 


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