Memorial Day Memory

Our family always goes out to the cemeteries and puts flowers on the graves of our family members. I have been doing it since I was a little girl. As an adult and living two states away, I take it more to heart and want to preserve our tradition. Now that my parents are getting to be older, I know they will not be able to carry on the tradition so I always felt the need to carry the load.

not my cemetery but you can find the source of the pix here
So one Memorial Day probably 7 years ago, I got this hair-brained idea I would just run home and help Mom and Dad put flowers on the graves. This way I would know the cemeteries and where our family was located. Great idea, but not thought through enough.

You see it is an 8 hour drive to their house and not all of it is interstate. This is basically one day of travel. You are pretty wiped out when you get there. Then you have to take in account you need one day of driving back. So I thought I'd just pop up there on the weekend. Yeah….haven't gone up there during Memorial Day since. 

But that trip instilled in me a bigger sense of family. We would walk the cemeteries and mom and dad would tell stories of each person. They may be the same stories, but I love to hear them. Like the great grandmother who died of TB and could not be moved to the new family cemetery, or a 5 year old passing the gun out of the wagon and accidentally shooting the 8 year old brother, and discussing the linage of how this family is related to our family. These are memories that have the potential of ending with my parents.  

So this year my parents went and did their thing, but I think it might have taken more out of them they they will let on to us girls. Their bodies are not as spry and their eyesight not as clear. I am thinking we may need to pass the torch to someone else for next year. Unfortunately, you have to remove the flowers after Memorial Day and I just can't drive up there twice and do that! 

I asked LT if we were going to put flowers on his mom's grave and he didn't know what I was talking about! His family did not do this. So I am asking you…did you and your family put flowers on graves during Memorial Day? If not, what do you do for Memorial Day, your tradition?


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