Leaving the Nest

Ring that bell, long and loud…be proud!
As you know, I teach at an at-risk campus in which the students are semi-self paced. They work at their pace but we set the goals. Students graduate any day or time up until the last day of school.

With that said, I just had a student graduate. There are just some students who touch your heart more than others. And he is one that has touched mine.

When students graduate, we make a big production of it. We have the students wear the cap and gown and they ring the bell hanging on the wall. This signals to everyone in the building what they have accomplished. We are also attached the Central Office, so all of the big wigs come out and celebrate with us…cheering, clapping and handshaking.

My student and I were getting our picture taken together after the big hoopla and you know what he said? He said "You saved my life Ms. H." Say it with me now…"awwwww".

He did it! Proud "momma"
Do you want to know something? I don't feel that I really did anything special or life altering. He was a student that came to us with very low credits, so low I thought it would be next year when he would graduate. But by going over his schedule with him, building a rapport and encouraging and celebrating success, he focused and completed ahead of schedule.

But that's the thing. As a teacher, especially at my campus, you NEVER really know if you do make a difference in a child's life. You just hope you instilled some values, self worth and knowledge. But to have a student specifically show me that whatever I did mattered, it touches my heart and revitalizes me.

So, today, as I am at work, I am re-energized to continue teaching. I totally believe it is the rapport and relationship I build with students that makes a difference.

Just remember, you may not even know it, but your actions and words influence others. You never know what you do or say makes an impact, so make sure your impact is a positive one!


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