I Got What?

Being a Kansan, I never had this problem. Is because of the location? The weather? The immaculate house my mother insisted on keeping especially when I came home after curfew and she made me get up extra early to clean as punishment?

All I know is I have the dreaded ALLERGIES! I have never had them before. ARGH! Why has it waited 10 years after moving to Texas before showing up. What I know is I have allergies and they are kicking my booty!!

I think this is Karma. I used to snicker or roll my eyes when I hear someone say they have allergies. It was because they used it as an excuse. Now Karma has come for me and giving me a great big heaping helping of it. I apologize to all allergy sufferers everywhere. This blows.

Don't worry, this too shall pass. Or as Lt says "It is what it is". 4-6 more weeks and I'll be right as rain!!


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