What the Heck Has Happened to Me?

Life has a way of spinning out of control and sometimes you notice and correct the situation and other times you just go along with the ride being blissfully ignorant. Well, since the beginning of the year, I was not necessarily blissfully ignorant, but just ignoring the fact my life was somewhat spinning out of control.

You see, I had been gluten free for over a year and the last few months at the end of 2013, I was eating healthy and I mean healthy. I had even lost 10 pounds at last look. Then the first of the year hit and that is when life started to tilt. There are things I can not go in to, but let's just say some bad drama unfolded that LT and I are still trying to recover from even to this day. We are thankful we have each other to lean on and support each other. It has been an emotional roller coaster….hence life spinning out of control.

You know, I am not much for Six Flags and roller coasters and I really hated the Tea Cup rides that spin around (maybe it was all the carnivals in the parking lots I went to when I was a teenager and there may have been some help getting sick involved). So to have my life reflect a roller coaster is not a good thing.

Here I am, spinning out of control through my eating mostly. When I am stressed I eat. Heck, let's be honest, I am an emotional eater. Give me an emotion, good or bad, and I will eat. So to have stress and our lives flipping upside down and all around does not help my eating habits. Needless to say I have been eating terribly! And I feel like I can't stop!

Lately have been feeling sick and icky both physically and mentally. So today I have decided to take control of my life. I am cutting out all bread and gluten products; getting back to being gluten free. I am also cutting out all soda, except Zevia which is made with stevia. I am still drinking a cup of Creme Brûlée coffee in the morning occasionally but will be phasing it out eventually.

I am really excited about my decision and feel like I am taking control and have a positive outlook. Really, it took me laying in bed last night literally feeling sick to my stomach to realizing I do not like how I am feeling and I need to change.

It is funny how I think daily about eating healthy but not doing anything to change. I just kept on sitting on that ride going around and around. Today, I have jumped off the Tea Cup ride and am a little shaky. I feel like I am still spinning and can fall down at any moment. I am hoping to get my legs under me and make the right decisions regarding my health.

I will take one step at a time and get back up if I do happen to stumble. I am resolving to commit to better eating, better health.

...OMG, does this mean I have to cook? Stay tune and find out!


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