Throw Back Thursday: Gotta Have Some Fun

A picture is not necessarily worth a thousand words, but it is worth a thousand memories!

I love to look through old photographs. As I look at the pictures, memories comes rushing at me. I start to giggle or down right laugh out loud. I can get sad but rarely do I cry, even of those who have passed on and went to heaven. I guess I always try to see the positives. It doesn't always happen, but I do try.

So today I thought of doing a TBT. I do not have a lot of photos of me growing up. They are still housed in mom's old photo albums that used to line the book shelf but are now collecting dust in the basement (and if she knew I said there was dust in the basement, I would be toast!)

Here is me and my bad self as a freshman in high school at the Jr/Sr Prom. My date was the ever handsome, captain of the basketball team, David. I was a cheerleader (only my freshman year). I look at this picture and remember almost everything that happened my freshman year: meeting David, dating as much as my parents allowed (mostly snuck around but I am sure the parents knew), freshman hazing (I hated walking the couple of miles outside of town I was dropped off), prom, the break up.

Ah the memories. I may need to write about some of them. Go back and revisit some of the good and not so good times and try to figure out a lesson (remember, I am always looking for a positive). Pictures really do bring up memories, and most of them I want to revisit! Be prepared!


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