That Snake Was Where?!

Freakiest thing EVER happened! Check this out…On Friday night I was coming home and it was around 9:30. When I opened the garage door it did this cur-thunk thing and looked to have gotten off it's roller.

I did what any woman would do…go inside and tell LT there is something wrong with the garage door and he needed to come fix it.

I am standing in front of the car looking at the garage door when I see LT walking towards me. All of a sudden he started backing up! I am thinking what the heck and walk the few steps it took for me to see a SNAKE! hanging from the garage door track. I said "That's a snake!" (It may have been in a girly-I-am-freaking-out-because-OMG-there-is-a-snake voice) LT responds just like a manly man "No Crap!" (Well, he didn't really say crap, but trying to keep it clean here).

Long story short, he finally cut the head off of this chicken snake (or rat snake…dead snake to me!) and then had to wind the cable back around the wheel where the dead snake was hanging from! I will confess I got the willies!

We manually lowered the door in which the snake spun around and around the wheel until it finally came unwound and dropped. LT laid the snake out so I can show how long and huge and ferocious it was!

Now I am VERY thankful LT was home to take care of this situation. Because let me tell you, if I was home alone when this happened, that snake would have just hung around until he died on his own and I got someone to dispose of him and fix the door.

 I do not like snakes and a snake that climbs is one of the worst kinds there is. Let this be a lesson to everyone. 1) snakes climb and 2) you never know where you will find one…they are EVERYWHERE!

Have you had something freaky like this happen to you? Share with me. Please don't let me be the only one!

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