I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar…Meow!

If you have been following me you know I pick out a word every year to focus on instead of resolutions. If you are new and are like, what?? you can read about it and this years word "BRAVE" here.

So now that you are caught up on me being brave and what that all means. Fast forward a little bit. I am on a committee for the 2014 Dallas 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb. This is an amazing committee and I am proud to be serving as their Legacy Coordinator. The Dallas Memorial Stair Climb is about remembering, preserving, and honoring the men and women of the NY Fire and Police Departments who gave their lives at the Trade Towers on 9-11. Dallas, surrounding cities and states, has 343 firefighters and 70 police officers climb 110 flights of stairs in the name of someone who gave their life that day. It is amazing and emotional tribute.

To go to the meetings I have to go to downtown Dallas. You can read about my feelings and freak out moments about my first time doing that here. I am now able to drive to my building without navigation AND without wanting to throw up when I get to down town.

So yesterday I did two other things…being brave and all that. First I parked in the parking garage. Stupid I know. Basically I am a big sissy and have a hard time trying new things. See, I wasn't sure how to get into the garage because there are 4 different entrances on two different streets. Then, how do I get out of that place? Oh, and then stress about how to get home! But tonight was the night and I did it! All went well and I made my way home. Stressed out, but not crying or wanting to throw up. I say success!!

Second thing is I carried this huge tub of display items to the car. No big deal you say. Well, let me tell you, there was a fire extinguisher in there and I swear it was still full! Plus books and all sorts of heavy things. I wanted to act all "I am a woman, I don't need help" and carried it to the elevators. Went down 50 floors and then carried it across the street to the parking garage to those elevators. Took that up to the 5th floor and then to the car. OMG! I thought my arms were going to fall off and I had to make multiple, MULTIPLE, stops before arriving at the car. How stupid was I!? I should have let the big strong man carry it out the door then to my car.

BUT…I did it! I conquered more fears, pulled up my big girl panties and tried new things, and flexed some muscles, to boot! I felt sassy! And tired. I hope I can still use my arms.



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