Vanity…Table for One

I have come to the conclusion I am vain. I never really thought I was. Yeah, I've looked in the mirror and some days I think I look good, others bad. But I never thought I would be vain enough to have to remove spots/things to make myself "look" better.

I have this spot, large to me, on the side of my face. Doctor said it is an overgrowth of an oil glad. Yay! Not cancer! It has been bothering me so I took the plunge. I went to my plastic surgeon. Now don't get excited. He removed a nodule from my hand, I have not had real plastic surgery. I am o' natural!

I pulled up my big girl panties and went on ahead and had the doctor remove it.  I did it all by myself with no sister or Lt to hold my hand. Talk about being brave!

So here are my pictures of my spot, marking for removal and after surgery.

I am doing ok. About 10 stitches under the skin. Pain level is doable, but occasionally… It has only been two days, but I can't wait to see what it looks like in 2 weeks! Vanity does have a price. I will take this little pain, but could I take bigger pain for other procedures because of my vanity? Right now the answer is no. But there are a few things I wouldn't mind changing! 


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