Saying Goodbye

Mortality has hit me in the face. I know we are born, live and die. Its a fact of life. But when it happens with your family, things change.

Lt's mother has been in the hospital the last three days. I don't want to go into details but it just feels everything is conspiring against her.

We have kept up the vigil, Lt and I. Thankful it is Spring Break so I can be here for him. It is hard to see this wonderful man struggle to watch his mother fight for her life. I feel so helpless. But I will say it is also rewarding to see his friends and family rallying around him, supporting and loving him.

We must learn to embrace life, find joy and gratitude in everything, and love fiercely. Lt and I have grown closer and continue to cleave to each other.

Please say a prayer for our family. Lt's mom has lived a full 87 years. She has raised a wonderful, thoughtful, and funny man. He takes after her so much. She was an activist in her community, a smart funny woman with a lot of sass and spunk. We would do well to learn from this woman.


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