Weekend Recap

I thought I would share with y'all what I did over the weekend. As y'all know, we had snow on Thursday. Well, the call was made and we had no school on Friday. I'll have to dedicate a whole post on my feelings of snow days.

Moving on...Friday I loved sleeping in late. We got melted off after lunch and LT and I drove to see his mom. We even got to eat at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, OMI. So yummy! They make this orange dipping sauce, called OMI Sauce, for your chips that is To. Die. For. Unfortunately, two small bowls about does me in but I just can't stop eating!

Saturday I went to the dealership, just to look around. Drove off with a new 2014 Hynadai Sonata. Totally in love with it. Funny part...it looks exactly like my last care! Same car, style and color, just a different year. The best part is the little extras like not only heated seats but air conditioned driver seat too! I also have blind spot detection, and remote start. Where was this on Thursday in the cold and snow?

This is not my car, but what it looks like. Source
Sunday was just a total vegetable day with nothing going on and no desire to do anything. I love those kinds of days. I got to talk to LT while he was at work. This doesn't always happen so it is such a treat! Sorry there are no pictures. I didn't want to do a selfie of me on the couch!

Now that the weekend is over, I am ready for a Friday again! Do you ever get that way?

This week is shaping up with my district going "white out" for heart disease. Everyone is to wear white. Then we have a college coming to talk to our students. The normal work week and then ending the weekend on Valentines Day!


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