Snow in Texas?

Yep, ladies and gentleman (if there are any reading), it is actually snowing in Texas. We are currently at 17 degrees. It is supposed to snow until about 1 pm and have forecasted possibly 1 inch of snow.

The Kansan in me is laughing because I grew up with blizzards. But the Texan in me, I have lived here for almost 20 years, is rejoicing in the winter experience and thankful it is nothing like our northern sisters are getting.

Is it just me, or is our weather staying a little longer, turning a little bit worse than the year before? I know Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and has predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but we can't lay this all at his feet. He didn't say how bad it would be, just longer.

I am a seasons girl. I love to experience the seasons, but I am not a cold weather girl. I like to be warm and toasty and cozy. Winter does not really help with that feeling. Oh I turn on my electric blanket at night and keep the heater on a little warmer than most, but the one incentive to moving to Texas was warmer weather longer.

So let's take the positive away from today:

1. There is a beautiful light blanket of snow covering everything. Snow is always pretty when it comes down and softly lands on things
2. We are actually experiencing winter!
3. It started to snow late morning so the majority had time to get to work.
4. Everyone that made it to school, made it safely
5. This weather was made for snuggling! Whether you have a significant other, a pet or an electric blanket, you can snuggle up tonight!

So let me ask matter what your day is...what is your positives? Tell me at least one positive thing you are taking away from your day.



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