Snow Days: Yay or Nay?

As you can see, Texas weather is at it again! We have a small threat of icy conditions today. Students love the thought of ice or snow because

A) in Texas you just don't get to experience it that often


B) ice and snow could mean a day off of school.

I remember growing up in Kansas, where we were used to snow and blizzards, wishing school to be called off. Heck, as a kid, who didn't want to stay home from school? That was the ultimate!

But as a teacher, I am not so crazy about snow days. What? You, heard me. I am not a big fan of snow days at school. Let me explain...

You see, we have to be in school for a specific number of days (180 days). When the district makes the school calendar, they plan two make up snow days in case we have to call off school. Now, where do you think they put those make up days? Yep, in the spring. When the weather is nice and beautiful. On a Friday and Monday.

So I ask you, what would you want

1. A day off of school, in the winter, where you have to stay home because the weather is too bad to get out. But you do get to snuggle under warm blankets and your cute Westie and hopefully LT would be around too.


2. A 4 day weekend in the spring, where you can go on a mini vacay or just go outside, anywhere, because the weather is sunshiny and beautiful. You can walk your Westie or go hiking with LT. Get filled with Vitamin D.

Yep, I choose #2 as well. But alas, it is not meant to be for us. We will make up our two days. Oh and if you are wondering if we had more than 2 days off (and we have had that one time), we would have to petition the state and a decision would be made on making them up or not. The one time we did, we made up 3 days and did not have to make up the 4th day.

I do not know if you have just given this topic any thought. I wanted to share a little of my thinking in my world via a view of snow days from the eyes of one teacher.


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