Giving Back...A Little at a Time

I talk about being brave and getting outside my box. I posted here about going to a meeting in downtown Dallas by myself and trying to figure out how to get around and where to park and the anxiety I felt with the mistakes I made.

Well it was all worth it and I am ready to share what that was all about.

We all remember 9-11. We don't even need to say more that 9-11 to stir up thoughts and feelings and visual images of that day. But as time goes on, the memory and feelings start to fade.

There is a group of people, The Dallas Stair Climb, who want to preserve the legacy of those who gave their lives to save others. Yes I am talking about the fire fighters and police officers. This group, lead by an active fire fighter, has put on a stair climb for the last three years in Dallas, Tx. It is opened to any active firefighter and police officer. Those that will climb will carry a name of someone who has fallen at the Twin Towers.

In Dallas, we do not have buildings as tall as the Twin Towers or any other building in New York. But we do have the Renaissance Tower, 52 stories tall. So the men and women would go up and back down to climb the 101 stories from the Twin Towers. They are also promoting health in fire fighters and police officers.

I have joined this group. I am the Legacy Coordinator to keep the legacy of the climb together. Basically I will be in charge of putting together a memory of last year's stair climb and then run a booth at the actual climb to show to those who come to support this cause. It is really an awesome experience! I feel honored to be a part of it.

I also have another reason of wanting to do this. You see, LT is a fire fighter, a lieutenant (Hence the name LT). I know he did not work in New York, but he is still part of the "brotherhood". I am so gosh darn proud of that man; not only of what he does but what he has accomplished. His job does not define him, but it is a part of him.

My life has been pretty great. Yeah, I have my ups and downs and some days seem more down than up. But it is time that I do something more, something bigger than myself. Maybe I am searching for a feeling or filling a void. I am finding out that volunteering is one way to do it.

All the emotional suffering (it wasn't that bad, but still!) I was under to find my way downtown Dallas to get the opportunity to participate in this great cause was well worth it. By the time the event rolls around in September, I will be an old pro of driving in Dallas. My "BRAVE" box is getting bigger!!


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