February 20 is my birthday and the countdown has commenced.

Ok. I hit 40 four years ago, but, this still applies!

I am needing ideas on what to do for my birthday. It could be only for LT and I or it could be for a group of people. I just don't have any ideas on what to do. Let me give you some back history so you will understand why this is hard for me.

I love my birthday. Growing up, my mom would decorate the dining room with streamers and pile the table full of presents. When I woke up on birthday morning, I had to walk into the dining room and...surprise! It was awesome. I still carry the excitement and joy of birthday mornings with me. Secretly I hope to have this happen to me now as an adult and it has never happened again. Ahhh the memories!

Every year I do a count down at school. I used to bring a cake to school to feed about 40 people and share it with my students and staff (yes I am on a small campus). Nutrition laws have changed that and I no longer bring cake. More for me, right?

Other than that, I don't celebrate my birthday. It is not that I am against it, I just don't know what to do. Oh, I usually will go out to eat with my sister and BIL and LT if he is off work. It just seems I am the one that has to come up with what to do, plan it and share it with everyone involved. You guessed it, I just don't do anything. I guess it is easier that way.

This year LT is wanting to know what I want to do. My friends want to know what I want to do. So I am asking you....what DO I want to do for my birthday?

Help a sista out and give me some ideas or else this birthday will go on like always: sitting at home doing nothing. BORING.


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