What Makes Me Happy

Starting out the new year, we all have expectations, goals and desires. So let's look at just one of them: what makes me happy.

Doesn't that seem like something so small, yet is so hard to define or limit? I look at it and think, easy peasy. But upon another look, I start to think and sit and think some more. It is not so black and white. I guess I am putting more thought into than what it really needs. Maybe I am wanting it to be so thought provoking, inspirational, or moving than it really needs to be.

So I am going to try to let you know either through words, pictures, or both. You know me. I have to draw it out!

I am limiting myself to these. They are in no means my only happiness, just what is bringing me joy at this moment. They are also not in any order of relevance or importance. Just the things that popped into my head.

Gavin. My boy. I just love this little man so much! He truly makes me happy. He has such a personality! He can bring me out of a funk pretty easily. I mean, look at this face!

Minions!! I am in love with minions. I have seen Despicable Me I and II. Love them both. I even have a couple of ring/text tones with minions. I plan to buy a Minion poster to put in my classroom. They just make me smile.

Alli and Jaxon. My great niece and nephew. They just fill me up with happiness. I am so thankful for Facebook, videos, text messages and FaceTime to be able to keep up with their growth and personalities!

LT. The love of my life. He brings me happiness through his humor. That man can make me laugh like no one else can. Heck, even when I am upset with him, he can get me out of it with his humor.


Dog costumes. They just make me laugh! I used to dress Gavin up, but he hates things on his head so I stopped doing it. Plus I couldn't hand out candy and deal with him. He has earned the right to stay at home and rest in his old age. Halloween is for the young.

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