Recap: 2013

I have succumbed to peer pressure! Recapping 2013 to remind me of all the wonderful things that have happened. I am also linking up with my friend Kristen at Happiness is a Mood not a Destination for her Inspire me 2014 link up. Check it out and come join us!

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I started my wonderful little blog in February. I just had this pull to get on here and see where my mind takes me. It has been a wonderful ride and I am loving it more and more. You got to know a little bit about me and helped me celebrate my birthday!

I love March. We celebrate LT's birthday going to the St Patty's Day parade and then I vacationed in Charleston, SC with my sister during Spring Break. You also go to know a little bit of my home town through the Home Town Blog Hop. I also participated in other link ups.

Seems in April I was in some inspirational and philosophical moods in my posts. Lots of good reads for you to check out. I fell in love with some azalea bushes and got LT to help me plant a couple (which are still surviving!)

Wild weather was happening. Moore, OK had the devastating tornados. Texas even had some wicked weather that had me preparing the closet, just in case. Got a chance to do a little traveling and see my family

Scared little man during the storms

See a family resemblance there? Daddy and the great grandbaby Jaxon napping at the same time!

Last day of the school year with celebration of our graduates. LT and I love to check out the zoos so down to Houston we go to start our summer off right. Of course, I teach summer school so the summer is monopolized by that.

Last day of school with coworker and friend

Zebra made of LEGOS!!

Me feeding the giraffe!

Took a little time to spend it with the folks in Kansas. Got to see some of the fireworks from the plane and we did a lot of reminiscing while standing on the porch enjoying the show. Of course the rest of the month was all about summer school.

Did not do much blogging. Just enjoyed life. Biggest thing of the month was the wonderful trip to Northern Cali with LT and hiking through the Redwood National Forest. Just Amazing! Can't believe I was hiking 5+ miles a day. I am not very athletic, but I loved the hiking and taking in the unbelievable scenery!

School started back up. I went through some life changing, emotional whatever you want to call it. Came out stronger because of it. Still not going to share any of it. And as always, when something needs to give, I change my hair. Still working through that.

Halloween! One of our favorite holidays! Brought out the monkey masks. Got to the house late, but found out EVERYONE was wanting the monkeys! It is awesome to have a hit on our hands and it is spreading by word of mouth. Also, went to see the "Munster Mansion" in Waxahatchie, TX and got to meet Pat Priest who played Marilyn Munster in "The Munsters".

Being thankful. I did my own 30 days of gratitude blog where I blogged everyday about what I was thankful for during the month.

Texas had a crippling ice storm in which I lost electricity for 9 hours but other towns lost it for 3 days! My sister and I's annual trip to New York City! Totally love that place. It even became more magical because it snowed while we were there! The next weekend I got to see family in Guthrie, OK. Even though the town cancelled their Old Timey Christmas downtown, the family still had a wonderful time getting together. Of course, I get sick on Christmas Day and I am still sick. At least I am able to finally get up and get a little jiggy with it.

Snownado 2013! 

New York during Christmas

Guthrie, OK. Even though the even was cancelled, Santa still showed up.

Ahh, 2013, you were good to me and mine. Thanks for the memories. I am believing 2014 has more in store. Stay tuned and keep reading!


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