Inspire Me 2014: Vacay for 2014?

One thing LT and I promised ourselves was to do one big trip every year. It is kinda funny. We went to Northern California and soaked up the Redwood National Forest. On the plane home we were like "Ok, where to next year?".

Mind you we plan to also do some mini trips in throughout the year as well, if we can swing it. So here are the following ideas that have been discussed:

1. A weekend trip to Destin, Florida. I am a beach bum and he really isn't but he does like Destin, so, win-win!

2. Oregon. No particular spot as of yet, but we want to hike mountains and to waterfalls.

3. Las Vegas. Catch a show enjoy the nightlife. We are not gamblers, so I am not sure how this will play out.

4. A weekend to Houston. We have friends down in that area we want to go see. Also while we are down in Houston, we like to slip to Galveston to play putt putt right on the sea wall. It is so cool to be playing, look up and BOOM! There is the ocean! I have to say the ocean soothes my soul.

5. This year, LT and I are both off a week for Christmas. Who knows what we have planned! I am thinking warmth. I am hoping we can make something happen during this time! Any ideas?

So this is what we got marinating for our travels. We have had to put a lot on the back burner for this month, but we will eventually get to make some plans. 

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