Happy Birthday Momma and Daddy!

Today is my parents birthday!!

Yes they share the same birthday and no I have no idea how this happened. But how cute is that! I wonder if my momma thought is was meant to be because they were born on the same day. You know how us women are.

I have to say it is really easy to remember their birthdays!

Not only are is it their birthday but it is a milestone birthday. My Daddy turns 80! Yes 80, today!! Mom is younger but I am not sure if she would be happy about me shouting out her age.

Seeing my parents together for so long just makes me feel so blessed. My dad and his sister are the only surviving members on his side of the family. Everyone else has been taken by cancer. Even daddy had Hodgkin's Lymphoma three years ago and is now cancer free. So for him to make it to 80 is a very big deal in our books.

Everyone, give a shout out to my parents b-day!!


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