Cleaving Together

I have heard this term, and understood it; never really experienced it. But lately I have. I must say, I have enjoyed it, just not the situation causing it.

You see, Lt's mom, who turned 87 on January 5, has had a set back in some major health issues. It has landed her in the hospital twice in one week, and eventually put her in the nursing home. We have gone to see her and she enjoys the visits, as we do. Then we got the call.

Lt.'s mom was rushed to the emergency room on Monday. It was about an hour drive for me, but I left school and rushed down there. I found her having a machine breath for her, but she was able to open her eyes a few times.

She was transferred to ICU that night and looked to be resting comfortable, or what passes for comfortable with a machine blowing oxygen into you.

Come Tuesday morning, she was in a regular oxygen mask, coherent, sassy and talking. There is talk of putting her in a regular room! Prayers were answered!

Through this, Lt and I have cleaved to one another. We have turned to each other as a source of comfort and support. We have grown closer together, giving and taking. It is amazing how that process can make you even closer to someone. It allows you to look past actions and words. I literally makes you become one.

I don't know what the outcome will be with Lt's mom. We pray for continued health improvement with the hope of her returning home. God has a plan, which I wish I was privy to, and we have to depend on him. Any prayers you can send our way would be appreciated.


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