Bravery Comes in All Forms

I  know, I know, you are probably getting tired of hearing about my word to focus on for 2014 and of me being "BRAVE". Well, here is another one for you! I just felt like a comedian!

Last night I went to a meeting about an event coming up in September and they were recruiting for volunteers. Well, the meeting was in downtown Dallas. Now I have driven in Dallas, even downtown, but never on my own. 

I have no problem getting there. It kinda is in an area I am already familiar with... somewhat. But the parking! I had no idea how to get to the parking area they talked about. My hands were shaky and I felt like I could throw up or cry. Good thing I left in plenty of time. Heck I was 45 minutes early even after I found my parking area! 

I called LT immediately and let him know I made it and how scared and nervous I was. Here I am, a little "country" girl from a town of maybe 800 people, that has no Wal-Mart or even traffic lights, and now I am driving in the Dallas Metroplex! 

It was so far outside my box, I couldn't see my box anymore. I was freaking out! LT talked me off the shelf and I made it to the Renaissance Towers to go to my meeting on the 42 floor. Deep breathes: in and out, in and out. I think I got rid of the wild crazy look in my eyes before I walked in to the meeting.

Another BRAVE thing I did was to "apply" for a coordinator position. I do not know if I will get it, and I am ok with that. I will still volunteer for the day of event. I know I am so vague right now about this event, but I want to wait until I have more information before I put it out there.

So to recap my BRAVERY for the day

1. Drove to and through downtown Dallas, by myself for the 1st time, after work for a meeting
2. Went to a meeting where I literally knew one person, kinda.
3. Applied for a coordinator position (can anyone say responsibility!!)

So since I did 3 BRAVE things, I think I will take the weekend off and just enjoy myself!


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