Weekend Recovery!

Whew! I am glad the weekend is over! We decided to throw Christmas decorations together over the weekend while Texas as experiencing 70 degree weather. So here is the run down...

First you have to get rid of the leaves. We have this HUGE cypress tree in our yard. I swear maybe half of it's leaves have fallen. This tree is my nemesis! It gets stuck to Gavin's fur so bad! I have to pick it out of his fur every single time he comes in from outside. Check out this picture to see how bad it is (and this isn't even the worst!)

So in Texas, this is how we rake leaves! LT was my monkey climbing up to blow the leaves off the roof (I can barely climb the ladder to where my head clears the eave!) He then blew all the leaves into a pile and we filled 3 bags...oh my back!!

On to decorations! We did our cool lights on the roof. I have never seen any house with these lights and we bought them at Big Lots! So this year LT wanted to add blue LED lights to the bushes. 9 boxes of lights later, this is what we have. You need sunglasses to look at those blue lights they are so blinding!

That was Saturday. Sunday consisted of finishing the lights outside and decorating inside. I don't have pictures yet of the inside. I am trying to decide if I am truly done or if I want to add some extra. This year I feel I may go a little simply in the decor. I'll post pictures of some things later.

Gavin didn't help any, but he sure was worn out from the weekend. I felt the same way, but he beat me to the recliner.

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