Parent Reverse


Why is it when things are rockin' along and going good, you get a speed bump, or two? Why can't things just be smooth sailing?

We all encounter adversity and have things we need to over come. It is what makes us stronger, unites us together. But there are days I just don't want to go through with it or other days that are frustrating because I can't do anything about it. Today is a frustrating day. Everything that is happening is happening in other towns/state and I can't be there for it. Clear as mud, right?!

Don't worry. Nothing major is going on that I know of. It is just some little medical things that crept up with LT and my parents and we are in a hold and wait pattern. I believe everything will turn out fine. I think it is more about being frustrated there is nothing we can do and for me, my parents live so far away I can't be there.

It is funny. Our parents take care of us, nurture us, teach us and then there comes a time it switches. The child needs to care for the parents. But it is more than that...we WANT to do it, yet we get interference or a battle with said parents because they don't think they need it and they definitely do not want it.

It is a fine line LT and I are walking right now with no idea what the future holds. All I know is I need to respect their independence, yet they need to respect my need to help. This is truly going to be a test, but I believe LT and I got this. In the end after it is all said and done, we really got this.


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