Sick and Tired....But Mostly Sick

So what did you do over your holiday?

Me? Well, I got sick. Nasty, Icky, Poo-Poo sick. Cough up a lung, sick. I was the sick-a-nator, sick-a-little-ding-dong, the sickmeister. Yes, I have been watching Saturday Night Live-a-thon.

All the to-dos I wanted to get done went by the way side as I have been laid up in bed (or the couch) with this stinking head cold. I haven't had the energy to even blog; hence the title, sick and tired. Catchy, huh?

I am not letting this thing win! Tomorrow is a new day and ironically, the last day of 2013. What does 2014 hold for me? Check in tomorrow to find out what I have in store!


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