New York City in December!

Central Park
We made it back from the Big Apple! We thought it might be touch and go there for a while since it snowed all day Saturday to the tune of 5 inches. But come Sunday morning, it was all melted off and we were able to make it make to the sunny land of Texas and 60 degree weather!

Every year, my sister and I go to New York City during December to get our holiday spirit on, oh and of course to shop, shop, shop! And boy did we!

Friday was all about shopping down in SoHo, Nolita, and we even walked to Greenwich to eat at a gluten free restaurant we heard about. After dinner we walked to Union Station to walk around the holiday market that is there every year. Nothing bought at the market but a stocking cap (I always buy a hat in NYC). It was a pure miracle I found us a taxi to take us home. Walking 2 miles at night back to the hotel is not fun (and we have done THAT every year too!)

Saturday was magic day. It started to snow before we got up and did not stop until around 8 pm. It was forecasted that Central Park got 5 inches of snow. I can believe it! We pretty much stayed around the same area between 3rd and 9th Ave and 61st and 51st streets. It was so freaking cold! The snow was amazing though. Can't have one without the other.

So enough about what we did...let's see the pictures!

From top left and going clockwise: Sister in front of Bloomies, Our doorman doing selfies with us, Me off of 5th freezing but cut candy canes, sister and I at Central Park, again at Central Park but with buildings behind us to prove we were in the city, and me in front of Rockefeller Center Tree.

I would do a collage for the windows on 5th Ave, but it doesn't do them justice. So here they are!

Harry Winston's building

Cartier's building. There were leopards on the building in white lights.

Windows from Bergdorf Goodman. Their windows were about each holiday. These are just a few.

Can't go to NYC without doing Rockefeller Center 

We had an amazing time and can't wait till next year! It is one of our traditions we do for Christmas. 

What is one of your traditions?


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