Little About Me

I have started like 3 different posts today and just not finishing any of them! I guess they are not talking to me today. So I started to read through people I follow and I came across Heather who did a link up that was more about yourself than from you "About Me" page. Sounded fun and I am in the fun mood!

Also what better way to learn more about me and some of the things that make me tick. It is a jumbled up mess up in the old noggin so bare with me and the roller coaster ride you are about to take! So without further ado, live from the link up with Marquis, here is a little bit about me.

I love music, mostly rock, eighties, heavy metal. Yeah, I am a hair band head banger. I will be going to my second Cult concert this year tonight!

I am addicted to shoes, makeup, and hats.

I buy make up whenever I am feeling frumpy or fat because it is never about a size. It's one size fits all!

I am a conundrum: I hate to sweat but would rather be warm than cold.

I am currently enjoy hiking. Something I haven't done but have started the last two vacays with LT

In my mind I am an exercising fiend but in reality I am a slug.

I am not really big into going to the movie theater, but I used to work at one.

I have never read or watched "The Hobbit", "Harry Potter" series, "Twilight" series, "Avatar", or "50 Shades of Grey"

I watch my favorite movies over and over and over and...well you get my meaning!

I have a very very soft spot for animals. I can't watch the commercial for abused animals or any shows that have animals being abused or neglected. I would have a whole house full of rescued animals if I could.

I am sarcastic and a procrastinator.

I have a wicked sense of humor and would rather laugh than cry. Heck, I really don't show my emotions much except happy and mad. But I am working on it!

I think a guy in uniform is sexy, within reason...The mailman, plumber, painter and electrician are all safe! I am glad LT wears a uniform. ME-WOW!!

My favorite food is Mexican (glad I live in Texas!).

I eat gluten free. Love crunchy foods, don't eat sweets but crave chocolate once a month.

The most comfortable room in the house, to me, is the bedroom. But I love how the kitchen is decorated.

I wish I was more creative/crafty. I just don't have that vision like the rest of the women in my family

I am loving my blog and am ready to take it to another level. I don't know what that means, so if you have ideas, please share!!

I could go on and on and on, but I will give you a break of being on overload and save the rest. I have enjoyed sharing with you! Thanks for stopping by and reading. If you have any questions for me or want to know anything, let me know! I have been responding to my comments in email, so please make sure you I can get in touch with you!

Have an amazing Wednesday!


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