Christmas Break...Lovin' It!

Christmas Break you are my friend. It seems I have been waiting all year for you to arrive. Here you are and our time together is going too fast! Slow down this last week, would ya?

Christmas Break is two wonderful weeks without work or students or stress or anything. I can really do my own thing. I always have a big list I want to accomplish over the break, but it never seems to happen. Like today. I have a list of stuff to do: oil change, car wash, errands, grocery, etc. Yeah, the day after Christmas. Most will get done, but not all. Thankfully I do not have to brave the shopping crowds and return anything. 

I did get to go to Guthrie, OK to do a Victorian type of Christmas they do every year in the town. People dressing period appropriate. Well, the drive up was in rain with freezing temperatures. There was a lot of ice building up on the windows and mirrors. Caused an exciting time in the car.  Because of that ice storm, the town cancelled their to-do!

We got out and walked downtown in which it started to snow at first and then went away. There were cute stores but not much opened. I got my picture with Santa. He was the only person hanging around downtown!

My great niece & nephew dealt with Santa very well! The last one they saw at Bass Pro, they both bawled their little eyes out!

For Christmas, Lt got me a pair of Uggs I wanted; I got him a tablet. Oh, and he also gave me a head cold. He said no returns, exchanges or refunds on that gift. He has been sweet trying to take care of me, but I think he was secretly glad to go to work today. 

So now y'all have gotten all caught up on my goings on in the last week. Been missing my blog and y'all! Glad I am back and ready for more!

What exciting thing happened to you over Christmas?


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