Thank You Friday for Arriving!

Friday has arrived! Am I ever so thankful to see you! It seems I have waited all week for you to arrive. Man, I crack myself up!

Today is an important day. Why, you ask? Today is the last day of the work week, but also the day before my Thanksgiving holiday begins. Yep. Thanks right. All next week, I am off work and whatever shall I do? (She said in her best southern voice)

I am going to the LT's cousins for T-Day so I only need to cook some vegetable dish that morning. That's my plan so far for the week! I feel like I should get jiggy with it and maybe do a major spring fall cleaning, or maybe put up Christmas decorations.

All I know is I will enjoy getting to sleep in (if I can) and staying up late (if I can, LOL), wearing sweats if I wanna, laying on the couch staying toasty warm with my electric blanket (you know me...), watching TV or taking a nap with Gavin, and just loving life at that point.

So, should I relax during the week, or be a machine and accomplish a truck load of stuff (whatever it is)?


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