So THAT'S Where I Get It From

I have said over and over, I do not like change. I like my box and the status quo. I never really thought of where this might come from, but yesterday, I figured it out. My parents.

They don't look in their mid/late 70s, do they?
Yep, I have those genes!

Yep, I am a product of my folks. See they are ready to move out of their house. I am glad because their washer and dryer are in the basement and those steps are scary to me. So I would love for them to be on one floor. They have finally decided on living close to my middle sister and her children. Also my parents will be close to their great-grandbabies. To top it off, they will only be 3 1/2 hours away from me! Win-Win, right?

Wrong. It seems finding and agreeing on a house are the challenges. I do not know what really is going on in the minds of my parents, because they are not forth coming of that intel. So me being me, I will psychoanalyze them and make my predictions. They are as thus:

1. Don't want to change. They are comfortable where they are at. There is some family close by and it is where they have always lived. Although they would like to move, they do not see the need to do it. The town is small and they can access everything in the town even though there is only one place to go...Wal-Mart.

2. What to do with all our stuff. I think for anyone, moving is a huge thing. Just look around your house and imagine having to pack it all up or even go through and decide what should stay or go. Now imagine 52 years of marriage and al you accumulate in the time and have to decide. Yeah, I might want to stay put too.

So they saw a house and have to make a decision today. Yes, there it is, staring them in the face: CHANGE. That dreaded word. I think they will stay with the same thing because they don't like change. Neither do I really. It takes me days to deal with change. The only think I can handle changing is my hair. That is the first thing I do when I am not liking something, really unhappy with things, or just need something and not know what....the hair gets a makeover.

We are all genetically made from our parents DNA. Look to your parents to see what you will be like in the future. Don't just look at the positives because believe you me, those negatives will be there front and center too. I do feel blessed to have my parents' DNA makeup, both good and bad. Thanks Mom and Dad for making me a forever younger looking, change-hating, high expectation, take no crap, independent, loving, street smart, sarcastic, hilarious, awesome, woman that I am today.



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