Say something or zip your lips?

Have you ever had that question rapidly go through your brain as well as a list of pros and cons of speaking out and the pro side continues to grow as your emotions are mounting?

And in that moment of opening your mouth and taking out the claws takes over, you had a mental palm to face moment?

Yeah, me neither. 

Just joking!! I am not THAT bad! I had an experience just like this tonight at dinner. For the first time, ladies and gentlemen ladies, (forgot who was reading my blog!) I had dinner in a restaurant by myself. Remember, inside my box is cozy warm and I don't venture out much. Well, tonight I leisurely strolled out of my box and sat at a table at Burger Island. What? You thought it was gonna be a swanky place? No way! I am not that brave, people!

Anyhoo, while I patiently sat, waitresses would walk by and smile at me as they went to another table to take their order, even those customers who came in after I showed up. You guessed it, I was starting to fume. I can be like a sports car, 0-60 piping hot mad in no time if warranted. So I am stewing and trying to get someone to take my order. Finally snagged a waitress and the sarcastic, yet effective, voice comes out. But then I heard it. That little inner voice that told me to hold on, whoa, wait a minute, think. (I also think I got a red mark on my forehead from that mental palm slap)

We all have that inner voice that tells us to stop and think. Is our present course going to be effective? Will there be repercussions if I unleashed Ms. Sarcasm? I listened to mine and sheathed the claws and ended with a not so bad, first time eating alone experience. 

Moral of the story...even when things are not going your way or according to your plans, there is no need to go into full combat mode. Take a breath, assess, and then tell yourself, "you got this!" 


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