Joy comes from the little things (like a new blog look). Those things from everyday life we may not really think about or even seem thankful for because they are always there, or they are so small they are not even on your radar.

We can not forget those small things. They are the things that might be what really makes It makes our lives easier or better. Maybe by not taking the smaller things for granted, we will learn not to take other things for granted.

So in honor of those little things that we don't really seem to be thankful for I am dedicating a list of 10 small things I am very grateful for in my life. These are not going to be the same for you and it doesn't mean that if it is not on the list it is not important, or the ones on the list are the only ones I am thankful for. Trust me, I can have the longest blog just about the little things.

10 Small Things I am Thankful for....

1. Long shadows in the fall
2. My electric blanket
3. Earbuds
4. Gavin kissess
5. Sunsets
6. Clothes fitting looser
7. New pens and journals
8. Someone being polite or thoughtful to others/myself
9. Doing something good for someone ie: buy the car behind me in drive thru line's order (usually at breakfast)
10. When Lt holds my hand in public or puts his arm around me while I am pushing the shopping cart.

These are just a few things that bring a smile to my face, gives me the warm fuzzies, just makes me thankful to be there at that exact moment.

What would you put on your thankful for small things list?



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