Thankful for Friday!

Is it Friday already?? I have been going through the week a day behind. I guess this way I get a treat the week is over instead of crashing to the ground there is one more work day left. So, yay Me!

This week has been pretty great. Nothing major happening, just a lot of relaxation. No stress, no worries. Of course Saturday will hit and I am booked back to back. Good thing is, I am going to learn to prioritize and say no. So instead of 3 different events in 3 different locations all over the metroplex, I will only go to 2. Of course in reality, I may only attend 1. LOL! I am ok with that!

So let's get started on our 5 for Friday!

I am participating in an online a Gluten Summit. It is a week long, with 3-5 different interviews a day with doctors, dieticians, and nutritionist. I have been learning about what gluten does to the body both physically and mentally. I have been gluten free for a year, but I know there is sneaky gluten getting in my food, so I need to be more diligent; hence, the summit!

We had a cold front move in this week....LOVING IT!...So I have enjoyed some snuggle time with my little man. Who could not help but want to snuggle up with this?

On a side note, the high for Sunday is 82 with all next week being in the high 60s. I'll take it!

Got new laptops and iPads at work! Yay! Now waiting for Thanksgiving holiday so they can increase the bandwidth of our wi-fi. Believe you me, what we currently have, dial-up could be faster! But ever so thankful for new technology!!

Waiting on some results of tests ran on Momma to get to her doctor. Seems surgery is needed and we are impatiently waiting to get it all started. We don't like this sit around and wait! I am sure I will talk about this at a later time. Right now, there just is not a lot of information. I hate living so far away when things like this come up!

Saturday is a packed day starting with a wedding of a coworker, followed by a going away party for a new friend and rounding out the day with a CD release party of a friend and former coworker. How shall I get this done? Easy, going to the first two, but can't make the last one. I need to spend a little time with LT, so I am giving something up for someone amazing!



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