You know our friends and acquaintances have shaped us to the person we are. Sometimes our friendships grow and flourish throughout our lives. Others are only meant to be for the time period. And yet others have the feel of foreverness only to find forever is shorter than you realize. I have had all of these friendships throughout my life and treasure everyone of them. I would not be me and where I am in life without them.

Thank you to all my friends - past, present and future - who have loved me unconditionally, called B.S. when needed, supported me, held my hand when I was scared, listened (a lot), let me call my boyfriend so my parents never knew, took me to school, celebrated victories, attended concerts, got drunk, shot pool, motivated me (even kicking my hiney), talked me into doing a 5K and encouraged me. I hope I have done the same for you! Here are just a few pictures of me and my friends, honoring them one way I know how. I wish I had more pictures available of past friends.

Going from the top left, moving clockwise:
1. Working buddy! 2. Bestest friend after we did a 5K, my first ever! 3. Master survivors! After earning our Master's Degree instead of walking the stage we went to a Nickleback concert! 4. LT's birthday attending the St. Patty's Day parade. 


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