Did You Know...

On Facebook, everyone is playing the game of getting to know you. Here is how it goes. You get a number and have have to list that many things about yourself that people don't know about you. Then when someone comments, you give them a number and the game is on...

So let's play! Here is 9 things you don't know about me (Heck this should be easy!)

1. I used to work at a movie theater then ran out and worked at the drive in. I used to be able to thread the film to the projector, too. Funny story: had to evacuate the drive in because a tornado was headed our way. Ironic part: It was the day after the movie Twister came out! 

2. Speaking of tornados, I would love to be a storm chaser! When I was a whole lot younger, I could almost predict the weather.

3. I am afraid of heights but love to fly and will look out the window.

4. I love to watch the same movie over and over such as Ghostbusters, Iron Man, Transformers, Practical Magic, and Airplane.

5. I love seasons, mostly fall, but I hate to be cold! I could sleep with an electric blanket always on except during the summer. 

6. I have been in a TV movie, Cross of Fire, as an extra. 

7. I am shy and quiet when you first meet me. But once you get to know me, I chatter like a magpie!

8. I love to tell stories and have thought of writing a book. 

9. I have a master in sarcasm and know how to use it and put the "pro" in procrastinate. 

So now you know just a little bit more about me! Thanks for stopping by and reading. I am thankful I had the chance to let you get to know me a little bit more! 

So tell me something about you.



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