Day 6: Online Games....Semi-Addiction

My name is Laura and I am some what addicted to games on my phone.

Yes I am a sorta gamer. I get bored easy so I pick up my phone to play a game or 10. My old phone had a gazillion games, but since I switched phones from an iPhone to an Android, I currently have 2 games on my phone. I think I am going through withdrawal! Never fear, FB has Candy Crush! Yes, I am a Crusher, too but I refuse to put it on my phone. I will play it only on my computer. Otherwise you will NEVER get my phone outta my paws! 

Games are good for motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, and (for us older folks) keeping your brain young and sharp (watch out Alzheimer's!) But it also can teach and reinforce values such as patience, perseverance, and a sense of accomplishment. Games have a place, but with in reason. I still believe we need to get our vitamin D from the sun and be interactive and social with others, not through a gaming system or even Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

So, all that being said, I have been stuck on level 86 in Candy Crush for about 2 weeks or more. I am angry, frustrated, ticked off, but determined to get off that level. I keep returning to it no matter how mad I am. Can you say glutton for punishment, anyone?

But FINALLY, the stars aligned, the magic words said, God smiled on my, all of the above, I am officially off Level 86! I did the happy dance of my people! I am dedicating today being grateful for perseverance, determination and grit to stick with something and getting it done. I REALLY got this! 

I want to give a shout out to my other addicting game, Color Sheep. I can't stop playing it. Oh My Goodgollymissmolly I am out of control with it. Just check out this picture of it. Fun, huh? 

 But these two are not enough. Let me know your favorite games. I am need of some variety!


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