Day 5: 3 Gifts Acorn Small

Finding things to be thankful for was a little tougher today. I don't know why. I felt the things I was thankful for were very superficial and even materialist. Things like how cute my outfit looked and how I felt amazing in it. If you are a woman, you know exactly what I am talking about and how that feels. But to be thankful for it seems petty.

So I went to my number one spot to find inspiration. A Holy Experience is a blog by Ann Voskamp. She wrote One Thousand Gifts. She was struggling in life and a friend challenged her to find a 1,000 gifts. Ann wrote 3 gifts a day. By the end of the year she had 1,000 gifts. Ann has made great monthly prompts, which you can find on her blog, to help you find gifts.

Today I am finding 3 gifts acorn small. Acorn small. Wow that is small. This seems like a challenge! Can I have 3 gifts red instead? LOL!

Ok, here we go, I am thankful for 3 gifts acorn small...

1. My mood ring Lt bought me in California on our last trip. It is something he remembers from his childhood and wanted me to have one. Kinda funny, but it really made me feel good when he wanted to share that with me. Heck I am celebrating that he gave me a ring, any ring!

2. My necklace Lt bought me for our first Christmas. He chose which one he wanted me to have. For a control freak it was hard to do, but I love it even more. I wear it almost daily. It reminds me of him and I feel like he is with me.

3. Raindrops that quench the thirst the land has, provide nourishment to the trees and vegetation and encourages us to wrap up in a blanket to enjoy the sounds and smells it brings.

I am challenging your to find just one gift small and put them in my comment. You got this!

The beginning can be found here.


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