Day 4: Crisp Cool Weather

 I got this photo off of Pinterest because it best shows how Texas looks in the fall.

Living in Texas I am used to the weather being hot or hotter. I have been running around in flip flops and sandals for so long I think my feet will protest when I have to were "real" shoes! But today finally FINALLY feels like fall. I woke up to 53 degrees with a high of 64 degrees. It makes me want to break out in song of "Baby It's Cold Outside."

Today I am totally grateful for the cool, crisp weather and here are the reasons why:

1. Snuggle weather
2. Better sleeping weather
3. Less mosquitos means more time outside!
4. Boots! Sorry feet!
5. Walks outside
6. Putt Putt challenges!
7. Trees showing some kinda sorta autumn-ness. In my area it means less leaves, no color change)
8. Fireplaces...or electric blankets
9. No more sweating! I totally hate to sweat.
10. Raking leaves. I love to rake leaves, but only in my yard, so don't ask me to come do yours! LOL

As always, share with me your gratitude. I would love to hear from you!

You can find the beginning of my gratitude journey at the beginning


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