Best Gift From LT....So Far

Can I share a secret?

I love to read. I am a bibliophile. I love to read and have a little control (not much) of my collection of books. I have had boxes of books and finally released them to the masses. Yep, I took them to Half Price Books and sold them for others to enjoy.

But I still have a little stash left behind. A little box, well medium size box, that are my favorites. Of course now that we have Kindle and Nooks, the game has changed. I got a basic Kindle and enjoyed it. It was so light and I had so many books "stashed" in this itty bitty "box".

Lt had a brainstorm and got me a Kindle Paperwhite. BEST. GIFT. EVER! I had thought since I had a Kindle I did not need a newer version. Boy was I wrong! I LOVE my Paperwhite! It is touch screen so I did not keep turning the page because I hit the buttons on the side. Also there is a built in light. I can read anywhere, anytime...especially on the plane in the dark!

Thank you LT for my Kindle Paperwhite. You did an amazing job on this gift and I love it everyday. FYI: I don't need the latest version. I love what I have, but thanks for thinking of it!

Don't you love the cover? Rawr!



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