30 Days of Gratitude

Have you ever wanted to try something, but too scared to do it? Or you thing something was awesome and wanted to try it but didn't know where to start so you didn't do anything?

If you agreed in any way, you are not alone! I find things I want to try and am too scared, like wanting to learn Italian but have no foreign language background. Or I want to make my own blog button or do a link up, but I just do not know where to start.

Well, I took an Italian class for a year and learned just enough to go to Florence, Italy and get into trouble. Not really! I was able to speak the language and read the language, I just could not understand when someone talked/responded to my in Italian! It was the scariest thing I did at the time because everyone in the class already had some background in Spanish to draw from and I did not have anything. But I overcame my fear and really enjoyed myself. I think I still can even read some Italian.

So if I can take that class, I can do a challenge for my blog. I am not quite ready for a link up party. I need to get more readers. LOL! But I am challenging myself to blog everyday in November.  It is the month know for giving thanks. So what better way to challenge myself than to write everyday about gratitude. They will include either words, pictures, or both. My plan is to keep them short, and I know there will be other entries just dying to get out so you may be in for a shock or surprise and receive TWO in one day!

Today, I am grateful for a new day. When we start fresh, the bad day's over, mistakes forgotten, negativity released. A new day means memories are made, the laughter, the love, the joys, and the victories all can be relived. A new day has opportunities and possibilities and we have to make our new day the best we can. So I am grateful to have a new day to start again, maybe do it a little be better than before.

If you would like to check out my other days of gratitude, please click on a link and enjoy!


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