3 Gifts Family

 So I was checking out Ann Voskamp's November journal prompts, I do that occasionally, and saw today's prompt was 3 Gifts Family. My heart just soared because I have a great, loving family. The hardest part is to narrow it down to just 3 things!! I am going to give it the old college try though!

To be able to take of not only myself, but anything that comes along. Except when the electricity is off and you are trapped in the house because you do not know how to manually work the garage door! Don't worry, 3 calls and a visit from my bro-in-law and I was free!!

We have had our share of challenges in our family. My dad is now two years free from Hodgkin Lymphoma, jobs have been lost, divorces, and you would never know my great niece was born with two club feet. But through it all, we have supported each other. It is nothing for us to drive 8 hours to take Daddy to a doctor appointment that is an addition 3 hours away just so he would not have to worry and he could be comfortable.

Growing up, yes there were more times of being compared to so-and-so's kids, but I think that has made us strong, hard work, dedicated and somewhat a perfectionist. But even through it all, I knew that my parents loved me. Heck I remember when I was going out with friends I was the one with the early curfew. Words were spoken between me and another friend about this and I remember replying "Yeah, but my parents do it because the love me and wants to look out for me." What high schooler would ever talk like that?

I also have to give a special shout out to LT as he is part of my family. We have all of this, but the most meaningful to me is the last one. No matter what is going through my girl brain (self loathing, hormonal craziness, etc) he continues to love me and shows me that love daily in the little things he does for me.
This is my favorite photo of LT and myself!
My family is amazing, even through all the craziness, misunderstandings, fights, and trials.  So tell me what are your gifts from your family?


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