Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Biggest Thanks of All: LT

You knew I was going there, right? You were just waiting wondering if today was the day, right? Well, it has finally arrived!! Today is the day I spout poetic, romantic, sappiness about LT and why I am thankful he is in my life.

I will make this short and sweet. Y'all know how crazy I am about this man. So let me just give you a top 5 run down. I would do 10, but don't want you all jealous! LOL! Just kidding.

1. His sense of humor is wicked! He is always making me laugh. This is awesome because I believe laughter is important in life. 

2. He makes me take adventures! I have never been hiking, yet with LT, there I am, happily doing a 5 mile hike up a mountain. He always wants to know what is around the corner and makes me come out of my box to see.

3. We share the some of the same passions, music is number one for us (now if he would just like to dance!) We have enjoyed so many concerts and see many more in our futures. Other things include: putt-putt, history, and travel.

4. He is an awesome dad to Gavin. Those two will play and rough house together and then I turn around and they are napping in the recliner together. I was worried when I introduced the two, but Gavin took to him just fine and they are the best of buds. I think they conspire against the cats when I am not around.

5. He loves me for me. He is always there with a compliment. He tells me how beautiful I am (especially when I am not feeling it) and gets upset when I turn all girly and put myself down. He is not the most romantic in the traditional sense (ie; flowers, cards, gifts), but he shows his love and affection by doing little things like turning the electric blanket on the bed before I go to bed so it is toasty for me, or holds my hand in public or puts his arm around me as we are shopping at Walmart. It's the little everyday things that makes my heart pitter-patter for him.

I have been single for a long time, very independent, very selective. Once I met LT, it all fell away and I knew we have been waiting for each other, going through our trials and tribulations so we can find and appreciate each other. As cliched as it sounds, LT makes me want to be better and do more. Please don't think it is all a bed of roses, because there are thorns there too. That is what makes us grow together. I may always bring out his frustration when I drive (LOL) but I know the man loves me and wants what is best for me.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sister Love

Are you as tired as I am? Yesterday about wore me out! But I had a wonderful time meeting LT's cousin's and aunt. I'll let you in on a secret...I was VERY nervous about yesterday! I so wanted to make a good impression on his family and to make LT proud. Well...mission accomplished! His family welcomed me with open arms and it felt like I had known them for a while. The day was festive and stress free. I hope everyone had that kind of a Thanksgiving: festive and stress free!

Now Thanksgiving is over, so is the month of November! Where did the time go? Two more days blogging about what I am thankful for is at hand. Wow! Time really did fly! There are two big things I am thankful for and I have saved them for the last two days.

I am so thankful to have my oldest sister D in my life and as my best friend. Although we are 10 years apart and did not grow up together, our adulthood has brought us closer together than family, we are best friends. I know that my sister has my back. She has been my cheerleader and butt-kicker all in one.  Without D, I would not be in Texas and also without D, I would not be enjoying life like I am.

We have been mistaken as twins in our younger days. To be honest, it even feels like we are twins. We have made so many memories I know when we are old-old, we will be living together reminiscing about the good old days.

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Just Thankful

As we are all sitting around the table stuffing ourselves, listening to those stories and making new memories, please take a minute and just give thanks.

My thanks is for LT and his family. I have been blessed to be welcomed with open arms into this family.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Act of Gratitude


As you know, this month is all about being grateful. I have challenged myself to blog everyday and what better way than to express my gratitude.

It is one thing to to say what you are grateful for, but it is something else to live by them. I challenge everyone to not only speak, but to also act grateful. It will make your life richer and fuller.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ever So Thankful I Believe

To me, Sunday is a day of rest and reconnect. I rest from my job, just not necessarily anything else. LOL Sometimes my Sunday is full of things to do; other times, the couch has wrapped it's arms around me and refuses to let me go, and I am ok with that. But today is also a day of reconnect. What this means to me is reconnecting with God.

Don't get me wrong here. I don't necessarily go visit God on Sunday, but we talk daily. I feel sometimes I need to stop and be grateful for all He has done for me. Everything that has happened to me. I think most people believe in only thanking God for the good stuff. Oh, they will thank him for a closer parking spot, the light staying green, one more of whatever they were going to purchase is still there, promotions, people...the list could go on. 

But did you know we should be thankful for the bad/negative things that happen? What the what? Yes, even in those times, you should give thanks and be grateful. Remember: 1 Thessalonians 5:18 "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." 

I also believe that you do not have to give thanks right away for it either, nor could you. Sympathy and stress have a way of overtaking us; understandable. But please, at some point, look back in your life and give thanks for those events as well.

So in the spirit of gratitude on this Sunday, I am giving thanks to my bad, ickiness that has happened to me. Without it, I would not have grown into the person I am today. Everything truly does have a reason. Just still trying to figure it all out. 

I am only doing 5 because who wants to read a super long post that can go on for miles about ickiness!

1. My divorce. It brought me closer to my family, plus I continued my education (all the way to Master's baby), moved to Texas, became a strong independent woman, which I believe all brought me to meeting LT.

2. Being fired from a job. I would have probably stayed at that job and others like it, not moving up into a career, but just getting by with a job.

3. Daddy's cancer. This is a tough one because it is still so fresh. He was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and has been cancer free for 2 years. But going through this has brought my family closer. It has allowed my parents the grace to ask for help, and it has made me grateful for my parents and all they have done for me. I believe his cancer is also preparing me for the future of whatever may be.

4. Any failure, big or small, I have endured. I know it has made me a stronger person, confident in my abilities and determination to do/be better.

5. Perfectionism. Oh mylanta. This is a biggie for me. I am learning, though, I am not perfect and I will never be perfect and it is ok. To be perfect you are automatically setting your self up for failure. I am learning to be me and release the stress of trying to be an ideal person. Our flaws and imperfections are what makes us who we are. It makes us unique. I am ever so thankful I am learning this and grateful I have the opportunity to learn this because it will make my future that much richer and happier.

See...terrible things happen. Show gratitude in all things. 


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Butternut Squash Goodness

If you are looking for a holiday dish to bring for Thanksgiving dinner, especially if you are out to impress, then I have the recipe for you!

I am thankful this is my go to dish to make, if I decide to cook because I am usually the person that signs up for chips or drinks. Ok, before you start thinking it, I can cook. I can be an awesome cook. It's just not my thing. But this recipe is delicious!!

So here we go...


cubed butternut squash (your decision on the size you need)
olive oil; about a tablespoon, more if you think it needs it.
sea salt
chopped pecans
big enough bowl to mix in
greased baking dish

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

I cheat when I make this dish. I buy the pre-peeled, pre-cubed butternut squash. You can do it yourself. I don't think bad of you either way and unless someone is in the kitchen with you, they will never know!

In a bowl put your cubed butternut squash. Drizzle a little olive oil and stir. We want to coat the squash a little. You can add a little more oil if you think it needs it.

Add sea salt. I have a slight hand with salt. I rarely cook with it, but this just needs a little sea salt. If you like salt, you can add more. Stir it all up so the oiled squash can get the salt attached to it.

Add chopped pecans. I love pecans so I go a little heavier on this. I start with maybe a couple of hand fulls. If it needs more, I'll through in some more. But I will add some to the top of the squash before I bake it. Stir.

Transfer it all to a greased baking dish. Add extra pecans to the top of the squash. Place in the oven and bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes or until tender.

Place in a pretty serving dish and accept the oohhs and aahhs that will be coming your way! You got this! Now go out and make me proud!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thank You Friday for Arriving!

Friday has arrived! Am I ever so thankful to see you! It seems I have waited all week for you to arrive. Man, I crack myself up!

Today is an important day. Why, you ask? Today is the last day of the work week, but also the day before my Thanksgiving holiday begins. Yep. Thanks right. All next week, I am off work and whatever shall I do? (She said in her best southern voice)

I am going to the LT's cousins for T-Day so I only need to cook some vegetable dish that morning. That's my plan so far for the week! I feel like I should get jiggy with it and maybe do a major spring fall cleaning, or maybe put up Christmas decorations.

All I know is I will enjoy getting to sleep in (if I can) and staying up late (if I can, LOL), wearing sweats if I wanna, laying on the couch staying toasty warm with my electric blanket (you know me...), watching TV or taking a nap with Gavin, and just loving life at that point.

So, should I relax during the week, or be a machine and accomplish a truck load of stuff (whatever it is)?

Cold Weather? Milk & Bread Domination

What is it about cold weather or blizzards that make people run out and stock up and milk and bread?

I grew up in southwest Kansas and we would get blizzards. The kind that would knock out your electricity for days. We would have a sheet covering the doorway to the kitchen, which momma kept warm with Coleman lantrens and camp stoves (she made the best pancakes on that stove!) On the plus side, there was a bathroom right off of the kitchen so no need to leave the warmest room! Bad news though, night time....freezing bedrooms. You had to pile the blankets on top of you to stay warm!

Don't even get me started on shoveling out the car. Maybe that is why momma bought milk and bread before the storm, it wasn't worth shoveling out the car to go after the storm!

Fast forward today. I live in Texas so we don't get blizzards, and very few snow days. On Friday, a big cold front is coming in bringing 38 degree weather. I know, some of you are on the floor laughing saying "This is a cold front?!" But to us, it is. We are even forecasted for... gasp... freezing rain! I will say I am excited for "fall-like" temperatures especially through next week and on Thanksgiving day.

Anyway, I was telling momma about our cold front and she said they were already getting theirs, and I quote, "It's a good thing I already went to the store and got bread and milk." Now I don't know about you, but I don't think you can survive on milk and bread alone. But why do you just say you need to go get those two specific items? It still boggles the mind after 20+ years.

Now, when I am milk and dairy free, we have super cold weather coming and I can't have milk or bread. WHAT AM I GOING TO BUY AT THE STORE?? What replaces milk and bread? OMG we are going to starve in a southern cold front?!

I almost, ALMOST, feel this panicky. Wait. The moment has passed. Back to your regularly schedule reading.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. Stay safe, stay warm, and for heaven sake buy milk and bread!!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

3 Gifts Family

 So I was checking out Ann Voskamp's November journal prompts, I do that occasionally, and saw today's prompt was 3 Gifts Family. My heart just soared because I have a great, loving family. The hardest part is to narrow it down to just 3 things!! I am going to give it the old college try though!

To be able to take of not only myself, but anything that comes along. Except when the electricity is off and you are trapped in the house because you do not know how to manually work the garage door! Don't worry, 3 calls and a visit from my bro-in-law and I was free!!

We have had our share of challenges in our family. My dad is now two years free from Hodgkin Lymphoma, jobs have been lost, divorces, and you would never know my great niece was born with two club feet. But through it all, we have supported each other. It is nothing for us to drive 8 hours to take Daddy to a doctor appointment that is an addition 3 hours away just so he would not have to worry and he could be comfortable.

Growing up, yes there were more times of being compared to so-and-so's kids, but I think that has made us strong, hard work, dedicated and somewhat a perfectionist. But even through it all, I knew that my parents loved me. Heck I remember when I was going out with friends I was the one with the early curfew. Words were spoken between me and another friend about this and I remember replying "Yeah, but my parents do it because the love me and wants to look out for me." What high schooler would ever talk like that?

I also have to give a special shout out to LT as he is part of my family. We have all of this, but the most meaningful to me is the last one. No matter what is going through my girl brain (self loathing, hormonal craziness, etc) he continues to love me and shows me that love daily in the little things he does for me.
This is my favorite photo of LT and myself!
My family is amazing, even through all the craziness, misunderstandings, fights, and trials.  So tell me what are your gifts from your family?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


You know our friends and acquaintances have shaped us to the person we are. Sometimes our friendships grow and flourish throughout our lives. Others are only meant to be for the time period. And yet others have the feel of foreverness only to find forever is shorter than you realize. I have had all of these friendships throughout my life and treasure everyone of them. I would not be me and where I am in life without them.

Thank you to all my friends - past, present and future - who have loved me unconditionally, called B.S. when needed, supported me, held my hand when I was scared, listened (a lot), let me call my boyfriend so my parents never knew, took me to school, celebrated victories, attended concerts, got drunk, shot pool, motivated me (even kicking my hiney), talked me into doing a 5K and encouraged me. I hope I have done the same for you! Here are just a few pictures of me and my friends, honoring them one way I know how. I wish I had more pictures available of past friends.

Going from the top left, moving clockwise:
1. Working buddy! 2. Bestest friend after we did a 5K, my first ever! 3. Master survivors! After earning our Master's Degree instead of walking the stage we went to a Nickleback concert! 4. LT's birthday attending the St. Patty's Day parade. 

5 Tips to Stay Healthy My Friends

I am thankful for herbal remedies. I think as a society, it is easier just to write a prescription and give the drug companies money. Don't worry, I am not going to go into a lecture about my views of health care or even Obamacare. No, this post is about doing things the more natural way. But don't get me wrong, I get flu shots, take allergy medicine when it gets bad, and demand antibiotics when needed. Trust me, if I needed pills for a disease either physical or mental, I would be jumping on the band wagon saying sign me up!

But there are little things we can do to help ourselves out without pumping chemicals in our bodies. Especially now when the cold and flu season are starting up. I want to make sure everyone stays healthy!!

Take a multi-vitamin. I used to not take them because the were as big as horse pills! But then I got turned on to liquid vitamins and I now put it in my morning protein shake. Easy Peasy! Benefit: I am feeling better and have more energy!

Some kind of cold preventative. Whatever you like or are told about. We are coming in to cold and flu season and let me tell students are snotting and sniffing and plain ickiness is running amok.

GermX: a must to keep in your purse/bag/car/house/work. I am not a germ-a-phob, but I do not want to get sick either. I will use germX after I handle anything anyone else could have touched. 

Netti Pot: Looks like a genie in the bottle. This little guy, if used correctly, will help to clean out the sinus passages. You put in luke warm water with the saline solution. Make sure to read directions. The tricky part is how to hold your head. If not done right it goes down your mouth and makes you fell like you are gagging.

Wash your hands!! The easiest and cheapest way to stay healthy. We are always washing our hands, especially at a restaurant before we eat.

I am very thankful for my health. I am not in perfect health, thanks to aging, but I am not going down hill like I was. I used to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was always tired almost to the point of it looking like depression (but it wasn't). I ate terribly, all processed foods, fast food, and lots of sodas with no water. I never exercised really. Oh I must have had a head injury because I did CrossFit for about 3 months.

But now I have cut out all processed foods, gluten, sugar, and sodas. I drink about 52-78 ounces of water a day, take my multivitamins, and eat more veggies. Ok, so I haven't been exercising, but I am ok with that for right now. Baby steps. I am hoping to get started doing something soon. All it takes is one step. Change one thing today and continue with it. If you do it for 21 days, you have a habit. We got this!

What are you doing to get ready for cold/flu season? Do you do any herbal medicine? If so, what? I always want to learn more, so bring it!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lost 8 lbs!!

Ok, so I have been working on this elimination diet from JJ Virgin. You drink two of her shakes (breakfast and lunch is what I do) for 21 days. During this time you are eliminating gluten, soy, corn, egg, dairy, peanuts, and sugar. After 21 days, you slowly introduce them back into your diet (a week at a time) and see how your body reacts to it. I am hoping to keep dairy and eggs!!

Now I am totally on board with gluten and have been gluten free for a year. I don't eat anything wheat, wheat based, rye, or malt. It is a little hard to find the "hidden" gluten in medicines, but I do my best. Also things you would not think of having gluten such as: salad dressings, gravies/sauces, and "fillers". I felt so much better because I did not feel full (even if I only had a couple of bites), my stomach no longer was cramping, and I didn't feel like I had to vomit after eating. Even though I was starting to feel better, still no weight loss. Enter JJ Virgin.

So I have been doing this for almost 3 weeks and I have not only felt better, more energy, less hunger, but I have also lost 8 lbs! This may not be much to you, but it has put me down a size!! I love to see my results, that is what I get excited about.

You know, it is funny. I used to be an emotional eater. Now I am eating when I am hungry. I also participated in a week long, free, online Gluten Summit. There were doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, etc discussing how bad gluten is for you, what it does to your body, and how it could effect Alzheimer's Disease, RA, and Autism. How easy would it be to eliminate just gluten to make your life healthier, live longer, and increase your quality of life? I am thankful I did!

This is me, today at school. Love my top! But those red pants make me look and feel like MC Hammer! They are a size too big but I had nothing else to wear! I need to do some shopping!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Crafting Bug Strikes!

Uh-Oh, I think I might be coming down with something. Some kind of bug. The crafting bug that is. Please, you thought I was getting sick? We are the germX family!! We have a huge bottle in the house, travel size in my purse, back pack, both cars, plus a couple of extras. We also had our flu shots. No this bug is more serious. This bug can over take my life and that can be scary for those around me.

I am not a big crafter, but I see things on Pinterest and get all excited and think "I can do that, easy peasy." Yeah, just like eating at Thanksgiving, my eyes are bigger than my brain and overwhelm myself. With that being said, I have so many different sacks of different projects and their supplies and I am not sure if I can find them all.

Here are a few crafts from my Pinterest that I am either currently thinking of doing or in the middle of doing. Scary thought...I may even post them on this sassy little blog o' mine. Crazy thinking, huh??

Ok here goes a little photo dump of what is floating in my crafty head.

I have been wanting to do this project putting the letters J.O.Y. on canvas for two years. TWO YEARS! I have all the supplies, so maybe this in my year. Fingers crossed, because I am in love with this!

You could probably by this completed on Etsy, but where is the fun in that! I have found that you can screw eye hooks on the bottom of the pinecones to tie the ribbon. See, I have even researched this project. Hoping to be able to make some for some window in my house.

I need to get on this for the fall season! Again, all the supplies, but I think I might be a little intimidated by this project. I have been dreaming about it lately, so.....

Aren't this little magnets just the cutest! Get a sheet of scrap book paper, a round hole punchy thing, glue and magnets. I have all of the supplies. Do you sense a pattern here??

Now I HAVE actually done this one. I am in the process of making some of these little trees, but was doing it for the fall. I had different materiel to cut the circles out of like corduroy, felt, velvet. The colors were autumn colors. This is the other project that is calling my name and will be the first one that I pick up.

Dang it! Posting these crafting projects I want to do/finish is making me really get in the mood! I just wish I had a room devoted to crafting. I wonder if we really need two bathrooms? Just kidding, of course we do! Maybe I can confiscate an area somewhere to set up a little table for my projects and some shelves with wicker baskets to collect all my supplies. 

Oh the mouse in my head is spinning in his wheels to see if I can make this work! Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Social Sunday: 4 Things

Yep, it is that time again to link up for Sunday Social. I am grateful I am joining today because it gives you an opportunity to know a little bit more about me. How cool is that!!

Let's celebrate even is my 100th post!! 

Sunday Social

Here are the questions....drum roll please!

Name 4 jobs you have had in your life: Asst manage at a clothing store, Sales associate at a woman's fitness club, Sales associate at Coach during the summer (got lots of new handbags!) and my favorite and current: a teacher

Name 4 movies you would watch over and over: Man, do I have to limit it to 4? Ok here goes. Iron Man trilogy, Practical Magic, Reds, and The Birdcage

Name 4 places you have lived: Texas, Georgia, and two different towns in Kansas

Name 4 of your favorite foods: Mexican (all of it), almond butter, guacamole, red velvet cake

Name 4 things you always carry with you: cell phone, wallet, keys, germX

Name 4 places you have been on vacation. Again, too hard to narrow down! Going with my favorites. Redwood Forest in NoCal, Italy, NYC, Cancun

This was fun! Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me! I always love to hear from my readers.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Celebration of Love

My friend Heather has found her mate and I got to share in the celebration of their union today! It was a lovely, small wedding bringing this small family together. I just love celebrations and feel very blessed to be a part of this one.

Not only did I get to see the wedding, but I was also able to reconnect with old friends! I just love my friends and am so thankful they are part of my life. We all go our separate ways, but when we get together, it was like no time has separated us!

So here to to the Bride and Groom!!

Aren't these two so cute! And check out her bouquet...It has rhinestone pins placed in it! ADORBS! (Sorry the quality is not 100%. They were walking out so fast!)

Mr and Mrs G!

Had to catch the bride while she was eating! LOL

Ahhhh, my sanity at work a few years ago.
Miss you Gina!

Don't you just love getting pictures with friends!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. for allowing me to be a part of your day!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful for Friday!

Is it Friday already?? I have been going through the week a day behind. I guess this way I get a treat the week is over instead of crashing to the ground there is one more work day left. So, yay Me!

This week has been pretty great. Nothing major happening, just a lot of relaxation. No stress, no worries. Of course Saturday will hit and I am booked back to back. Good thing is, I am going to learn to prioritize and say no. So instead of 3 different events in 3 different locations all over the metroplex, I will only go to 2. Of course in reality, I may only attend 1. LOL! I am ok with that!

So let's get started on our 5 for Friday!

I am participating in an online a Gluten Summit. It is a week long, with 3-5 different interviews a day with doctors, dieticians, and nutritionist. I have been learning about what gluten does to the body both physically and mentally. I have been gluten free for a year, but I know there is sneaky gluten getting in my food, so I need to be more diligent; hence, the summit!

We had a cold front move in this week....LOVING IT!...So I have enjoyed some snuggle time with my little man. Who could not help but want to snuggle up with this?

On a side note, the high for Sunday is 82 with all next week being in the high 60s. I'll take it!

Got new laptops and iPads at work! Yay! Now waiting for Thanksgiving holiday so they can increase the bandwidth of our wi-fi. Believe you me, what we currently have, dial-up could be faster! But ever so thankful for new technology!!

Waiting on some results of tests ran on Momma to get to her doctor. Seems surgery is needed and we are impatiently waiting to get it all started. We don't like this sit around and wait! I am sure I will talk about this at a later time. Right now, there just is not a lot of information. I hate living so far away when things like this come up!

Saturday is a packed day starting with a wedding of a coworker, followed by a going away party for a new friend and rounding out the day with a CD release party of a friend and former coworker. How shall I get this done? Easy, going to the first two, but can't make the last one. I need to spend a little time with LT, so I am giving something up for someone amazing!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Joy comes from the little things (like a new blog look). Those things from everyday life we may not really think about or even seem thankful for because they are always there, or they are so small they are not even on your radar.

We can not forget those small things. They are the things that might be what really makes It makes our lives easier or better. Maybe by not taking the smaller things for granted, we will learn not to take other things for granted.

So in honor of those little things that we don't really seem to be thankful for I am dedicating a list of 10 small things I am very grateful for in my life. These are not going to be the same for you and it doesn't mean that if it is not on the list it is not important, or the ones on the list are the only ones I am thankful for. Trust me, I can have the longest blog just about the little things.

10 Small Things I am Thankful for....

1. Long shadows in the fall
2. My electric blanket
3. Earbuds
4. Gavin kissess
5. Sunsets
6. Clothes fitting looser
7. New pens and journals
8. Someone being polite or thoughtful to others/myself
9. Doing something good for someone ie: buy the car behind me in drive thru line's order (usually at breakfast)
10. When Lt holds my hand in public or puts his arm around me while I am pushing the shopping cart.

These are just a few things that bring a smile to my face, gives me the warm fuzzies, just makes me thankful to be there at that exact moment.

What would you put on your thankful for small things list?


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Did You Know...

On Facebook, everyone is playing the game of getting to know you. Here is how it goes. You get a number and have have to list that many things about yourself that people don't know about you. Then when someone comments, you give them a number and the game is on...

So let's play! Here is 9 things you don't know about me (Heck this should be easy!)

1. I used to work at a movie theater then ran out and worked at the drive in. I used to be able to thread the film to the projector, too. Funny story: had to evacuate the drive in because a tornado was headed our way. Ironic part: It was the day after the movie Twister came out! 

2. Speaking of tornados, I would love to be a storm chaser! When I was a whole lot younger, I could almost predict the weather.

3. I am afraid of heights but love to fly and will look out the window.

4. I love to watch the same movie over and over such as Ghostbusters, Iron Man, Transformers, Practical Magic, and Airplane.

5. I love seasons, mostly fall, but I hate to be cold! I could sleep with an electric blanket always on except during the summer. 

6. I have been in a TV movie, Cross of Fire, as an extra. 

7. I am shy and quiet when you first meet me. But once you get to know me, I chatter like a magpie!

8. I love to tell stories and have thought of writing a book. 

9. I have a master in sarcasm and know how to use it and put the "pro" in procrastinate. 

So now you know just a little bit more about me! Thanks for stopping by and reading. I am thankful I had the chance to let you get to know me a little bit more! 

So tell me something about you.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Best Gift From LT....So Far

Can I share a secret?

I love to read. I am a bibliophile. I love to read and have a little control (not much) of my collection of books. I have had boxes of books and finally released them to the masses. Yep, I took them to Half Price Books and sold them for others to enjoy.

But I still have a little stash left behind. A little box, well medium size box, that are my favorites. Of course now that we have Kindle and Nooks, the game has changed. I got a basic Kindle and enjoyed it. It was so light and I had so many books "stashed" in this itty bitty "box".

Lt had a brainstorm and got me a Kindle Paperwhite. BEST. GIFT. EVER! I had thought since I had a Kindle I did not need a newer version. Boy was I wrong! I LOVE my Paperwhite! It is touch screen so I did not keep turning the page because I hit the buttons on the side. Also there is a built in light. I can read anywhere, anytime...especially on the plane in the dark!

Thank you LT for my Kindle Paperwhite. You did an amazing job on this gift and I love it everyday. FYI: I don't need the latest version. I love what I have, but thanks for thinking of it!

Don't you love the cover? Rawr!